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with Focus!

Our partners earn money by selling licenses and technologies as well as offering setup/configuration/maintenance and other Company-provided services

  • Zero Starting Capital

    No upfront investment is needed on your part. On the contrary, we are here to provide everything you need to start working

  • Free Leads

    All leads secured by us are handed out to our partners

  • Marketing Budget

    We share all expenses on local-market promotions with our partners

  • Training and Support

    We will gladly provide complete training and technical support

  • A Product in Demand

    For many, analysing their offline shoppers is a matter of necessity

  • Competitive Offering

    Licenses and equipment priced at really attractive rates

Partner Types

  • Integrator

    In addition to selling our products, you can earn money on customer deployments and maintenance

  • Agent

    Earn commissions from every sale

  • Partner

    A variety of cooperation programs with several partnership statuses offering flexible terms

Who can become a partner?

• Companies dealing with shopping centers and retailers that seek to expand their product line

• Digital and IT product entrepreneurs

• Companies with a track record in sales and deployment of low-current systems, CCTV, etc

• People with extensive contacts in retail and mall business

Where do partner earnings come from?

• License sales

• Equipment sales

• Equipment installation and configuration

• Maintenance

More than 150 satisfied customers We are trusted by companies from all over the world

5 easy steps to launching a new business How to become a partner?

  • Inquiry
  • Free training
  • Testing and official certificate award
  • Real-world projects
  • Your own business

Start earning with Focus