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Focus Sales Flow
Tenant turnover audit, fraud analysis
A detailed analysis of the tenant’s sales and a sample purchase by a unique algorithm revealed 6,900,000 rubles hidden in a single quarter, which the tenant did not report to the shopping mall although its rental rate was based on turnover percentage.
Focus Sales Flow, Focus People Counting
Negotiating a discount for the tenant
A tenant’s sales and footfall analysis helped the shopping center discover the reason behind the tenant’s slumping figures and issue recommendations how to boost the traffic and impulse buying, having increased the turnover by 7%. A 35% discount was taken off the table.
Focus Wi-fi
Increasing staff performance
An analysis of the average dwell time revealed discrepancies caused by less qualified staff of one of the shifts. Additional training and partial staff replacement increased the dwell time and pushed up sales by 8%.
Focus Wi-fi
Visit format analysis to increase average check
A retail chain offering children’s products analyzed the store visit format with the Focus Wi-Fi Analytics to adjust a sales promotion and increase store sales in morning hours by 30%.
Focus Wi-fi
Increasing effectiveness of outdoor advertising and online targeting
By collecting mac addresses of people who saw outdoor advertising, the shopping mall used online advertising to target people who saw advertising offline, having increased effectiveness of the advertising campaign. +124% of new visitors, +128% of returning visitors.