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Cases “Retail”

Focus Wi-fi
Increasing staff performance
An analysis of the average dwell time revealed discrepancies caused by less qualified staff of one of the shifts. Additional training and partial staff replacement increased the dwell time and pushed up sales by 8%.
Focus Wi-fi
Visit format analysis to increase average check
A retail chain offering children’s products analyzed the store visit format with the Focus Wi-Fi Analytics to adjust a sales promotion and increase store sales in morning hours by 30%.
Focus People Counting
Optimization of the staff schedule
Identifying low and peak footfall hours based on the hourly visitor traffic analysis helped the retailer adjust the staff schedule, increase conversion in busy hours, optimize the payroll by 10.5%, having saved 7.9 mn rubles per year for a chain of 40 outlets.
Focus People Counting
Employee engagement system based on the conversation factor
A retailer with 40 outlets increased its chain sales by 85.8 mn rubles per year after the launch of a new employee engagement system that focuses on the number of customers, not just sales volume.
Focus Wi-fi
Marketing spending optimization
The Focus Wi-Fi Analytics helped evaluate efficiency of locations and choose the best time for marketing activities at phone shops. Operating decisions based on obtained data boosted sales in selected shops by 42%.